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"Photography as a way of expressing feelings"
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People Photo Gallery

Let’s begin with the People Photo Gallery. All great photos in this style capture a moment in time and in doing so also capture some part of the subject’s personality.

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Street Photo Gallery

I highly recommended to visit the Street Photo Gallery. Street photography is an opportunity to document unmediated chance encounters and random incidents within public places and turn it into art.

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That’s what associates and critics told about my work.

Sergey Smolin
To be honest, I've gotten to know Oleg Puchkov much earlier than his astonishing creative world. But when I first saw a series of his conceptual monochrome photos from his journey to Central Africa, I was stunned! Amazing! An incredible immersion into a very different black planet. Humanity. An asymmetric focus. Sincerity. It was then that I realized that in front of me stands a truly original and contemporary artist. I am glad I know him personally.

Sergey Smolin
Owner & Founder / CEO
Christina Hardy
He travelled the length and breadth of the country to capture the essence of this unique land, and he has succeeded. When he moves into abstract presentation of natural surroundings, the work bounces off the page.

Christina Hardy
Marketing Manager